Discover all the ways to entertain yourself with fun and enriching activities.



Have you ever wanted to be on a trail ride? We are delighted to introduce to you a new exciting pass time for Plataran Borobudur guests with our newest Horseback Riding Program Saddle Up! an equestrian event, the ultimate horseback riding guest activity It provides you the exciting feeling of a horseback riding experience by the best selection of tamed and healthy horses to explore the beautiful Resort area and the surrounding villages. We offer you a choice of 15 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour Saddle Up! horseback riding package for you to enjoy.

Saddle up! Get on the saddle of Rafael and Jackson, our gallant Australian horse breeds and enjoy.

For the first timers, Putri and Pangeran our original Sandelwood Sumba horses trained horseback riders from the island of Sumba, will be your best well trusted coaches and friends during the trip. Yet, to make you fully comfortable our staffs will accompany you along the trail.


Experience beautiful rural atmosphere by riding trained elephants as your introduction. See the beautiful scenery and native activities. An original smile and greetings along the way. Just like a King and Queen who pass through the village surrounding. If you wish to ride this tame animals we can also arrange it for you.


Plowing the rice field will be a great experience for you. You will get acquainted with nature, rice, muddy soil and buffalo. You will also work together with the buffalo and fell the mud under you. One of our native activities which no longer meet in big city. Learn how to plan paddy will be an additional activity. Note: This activity will be available seasonally.


New experience to explore our scenery. By riding a jeep, we will bring you to the deep part our villages. See the rice field, tobacco garden and when you are lucky, free birds will accompany you during the journey.


Starting at our "Lobby", this mind blowing bicycle tour winds down through 10 km of lush valleys, Javanese villages, green rice fields. Expert guide will ride with you all the way and explain the history of the land, the culture and its people, making it even more unforgettable experience that will remain with you long after your leave. A moment rest at a local village for having fresh coconuts juice, Duration: 2 hours Distance from PLataran.


Indonesia has some traditional transportation that look really unique. Local people are very fond of them for its affordable fare and massive availability. Andong, a horse carriage, is one of them. It can fit three to four peoples facing each other. Andong is very popular and used in every rural village or small town in Java. Enjoy this traditional way of moving around the villages and discover how actually beautiful it is to move at a Slow Pace. Duration: 1,5 hours Distance from Plataran: 30 minutes driving


See the process of making pottery in the traditional way. You will have fun fiddling around with small lumps of clay and get skilled turning it into what you want to express, you will experience the proudest moment of artistic creation when you see your work in beautiful shape, texture and color with a very personal touch from you. Klipoh village located in about 15 minutes drive from Plataran, You can choose the Andong Village Tour or Village Cycling Tour for this excursion.


Borobudur known well as one of a biggest Buddhist monument in the world, the history of itself is quite interesting, so that it became a huge magnet for people from all over the world to come and to learn more about the history of the monument itself. But still, learning about the history of this monument is not that complete enough, not without try to understand and to experience what happens outside of the temple itself, which is their Village life. Our hotel PLataran Borobudur Resort & SPA, tried to response that by making a tour package of a village safari using an open safari bus. Village Exploration should be a nice thing to do to know all about the village life.

Home industries visit such as, tofu, glass noodle, or even a pottery. A good expectation for us is that we can finally find a runaway place from a stressing thing on our daily life.



Start a day with morning yoga to balance body and soul at Banyan tree yoga deck while enjoy the cool morning breeze, a warm sunrise entering every space of the green tropical garden and rice fields. Yoga is ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit. The continued practice of yoga will lead to a sense of peace and well-being, and also a feeling of being at one with their environment that help to harmonize human consciousness with the divine consciousness. The sounds of nature from the river, birds singing is the best sound while practicing Yoga to create a union ego-self with the divine Self, the infinite Spirit. Capacity 10 persons


On our complimentary on scheduled basis at 08.00 am Keep your body healthy on your holiday by joining the Morning Walk through the hotel site and around. Inhale 100% pure oxygen while enjoy the distance views of rice fields and dozens of coconut trees. Experience your life with interacting to friendly local villager, observing their daily morning activities as well as learn about the culture and customs of Balinese people and village. Our Guest Activity will guide you on this walk. Start from the hotel, we will encounters your journey of experience to see the rice paddies, temples, cemetery and many more.


On our complimentary on scheduled basis at 08.00 am There is a spacious Yoga Deck at the end of the pathway facing to the rice fields and Garden. Throughout the ancient art of classical yoga, you will learn the technique to still your mind, strengthen your body and expand your consciousness using posture, breath work, meditation and relaxation while hearing the river sounds bellow.

The class is conducted by our experienced Balinese Yoga Instructor. He has tought yoga to many foreigners also practicing yoga for years and feels the great benefits of yoga for body and soul. The class is suitable for beginner.


Complimentary Daily, from 16.00 to 17.00 at Banyan Tree Yoga Deck

Coming back to the hotel after exploring Ubud and surrounding or half day tour, we offer a complimentary Indonesian tea with assorted Balinese cakes and pastries.

It’s an intimate moment having tea on a wooden deck along the rice fields side, while enjoy the river flowing and dinamic water sounds as well as bird singing from the tropical gardens beside.


Complimentary Daily on scheduled start from 14.00 at Main pool side

Experience to be a Balinese. Join our guest activity host at Main Pool side to practice making Balinese offering or Wearing Balinese dress, Making crafts, “Ngangon Bebek” taking ducks to rice paddies and Bali Places of Interest information for any of your preferences in Bali.


The Plataran Ubud Hotel and Spa is proud to share the unique skill & secret recipe. Under guidance of our Indonesian Gourmet Chef, you can learn how to prepare local delicious food.

Cooking venue is inside of hotel area, and you will start by shopping in the Ubud traditional market at 07:00am for approximately one hour, where you will find Balinese spices & vegetables displayed and sold in traditional way. Traditional cooking takes place at The Banyan Tree service area from 11.00am.

For approximately one and half hours our Chef will share his secret dishes recipes, and followed with your memorable luncheon at open dining on the river side deck. Take home our secret recipe as our gift and impressed your family & friends with your Balinese cooking skills.


Right in the middle of rice fields, pool side or right on the top at our star deck Our Home chef is invited you to surprise your taste bud with his authentic Indonesian gourmet menu for mesmerizing evening surrounded by suspended frangipani candles. It’s a romantic and unforgettable experience gift for your partner at one of your night at Plataran Ubud Hotel and Spa


Experience Melukat, a traditional Balinese blessing that cleanses the soul and purifies the body. Enjoy a peaceful the blessing process at Our Hotel Holy spring water temple where a local priest will carry out prayers and perform the purification ritual of Puja Mantra.

Our staff will prepare you “Balinese sarong and scarf” to be used during the ceremony and “Pejati” its special offerings made from coconut leaves with many tropical fruits and cakes to be presented to the god at the temple. This sacred ceremony will take at least 1 hour.



Learn the secrets of Balinese delicacies and become knowing authentic Balinese foods. Plataran Canggu Bali cooking classes provide a fascinating insight into Balinese life, beliefs, and culture through learning about its foods. Cooking and culinary myths participants learn about the exotic herbs and spices used in ceremonial and everyday Balinese dishes. Balinese Cooking Class using traditional Balinese stove with wood burner.

Our chef instructs you how to cooking Traditional Balinese delicacies with cooking certificate.


A special additional to the culinary offering at Plataran Bali Resort and Spa is the chance for guests to enjoy a traditional “Megibung” dinner. This is an authentic and special style of dining that was historically enjoyed during ceremonies and special occasions. Now, as modern influences take over - it is difficult to find Megibung served anywhere. Served on a banana leaf, a selection of shared dishes will be prepared especially for you based on your conversation with our chef – which we will serve you in our traditional Jineng in our forest. This communal meal is a way to bring people together to enjoy the intimacy of friendship and togetherness.


Barbeque village, an outdoor villa with an indoor environment. We can set up our grill close to your choice of the venue (Aurora Deck, Patio Pool,Tigadari or in your villa ) On the drinks section we serve : Champagne, Sparkling Wine, wine ,cocktail Mock tail, juices, soft drinks we can set up small Bar. Excellent food and service for a reasonable prices. A special occasion needs celebrating, Call us for a reservation and set up your own menu. For only USD 45 net/pax.


Plataran Canggu Bali Resort & Spa Proudly presents an Unique Jungle Themed Dinner Party with a Bonfire Celebrations and Lots of games In a unique lush garden setting resembling a hidden paradise with a multi-color garden lighted decor, mystic bamboo and old teak trees, where a traditional bamboo bridge over a calm flowing creek that borders the resort will lead you to a world of enchanting happenings while, Plataran’s hospitality will take care of you with a graceful caring service, offering a truly memorable exotic experience.


Ngelawang is a singular tradition in Bali that is hold by behaving Barong dance on a street, achieved by relocating from one place to another and mostly usually can be found in Galungan and Kuningan celebration. This tradition can be found roughly in all villages around Bali. The tradition is believed already exists given tens of years ago from era to generation.

“Ngelawang” tradition is hereditary from era to era aims to vacate a universe, rejecting any kind of diseases that meddle with tellurian life, including “niskala” (abstract / not visible), expelling people who meant harm, meddle with a confidence of Bali. Ngelawang tradition in a context of dedicated enchanting as an charity to reject harms as a definition of ngelawang during Galungan until Kuningan. However, along a growth a artistic Balinese people do not usually finished it by bringing dedicated objects, though done a copies to be presented as an interesting ngelawang.


Gebogan or also called Pajegan is a form of composition and offerings of fruits and flowers series. Generally gebogan brought to the temple for a series of five ceremonies yadnya Meaning of the word itself gebogan in Balinese language actually means'' number''. Why this special offerings also called gebogan? Because these offerings consist of a variety of colorful fruits and various snacks are compiled from the earth Pajengan or Gebogan is a form of offerings of food composition and sequence as well as fruits and flowers bungaan are created by the Hindus in Bali generally gebogan taken and placed in the temple ceremonies. Various kinds of fruits are formed in such a way where the tools used Wanci named, made of wood shaped like a trophy but flat on top and bottom. In addition to the top of the fruit is also decorated with Canang gebogan, Balinese snacks and sometimes given a roast chicken.


Balinese dances are a very ancient dance tradition that is a part of the religious and artistic expression among the Balinese people, native to Bali island, Indonesia. Balinese dance is dynamic, angular and intensely expressive. The Balinese dancers express the story of dance-drama through the whole bodily gestures; fingers, hands and body gestures to head and eyes movement


It is plaited then green coconut leaf mats, usually in Bali used for the roof , table mat or ceremony purpose


In Bali, scarecrow or ghost fields or scarecrow called lelakut. Lelakut main function is to scare sparrows who like to eat grain. However, the mystic, who has given lelakut spells and special offerings, it also serves as a repellent reinforcements, keeping the rice shunned from impaired people who want to do no good. For example, rice away from distractions leak (witchcraft) or people who are jealous of the owner of the field. "Lelakut made with choice ingredients and the completed spells and offerings are usually very effective to ward off black magic,"


The traditional way of growing rice in Bali is very different from modern agriculture in developed countries. This is reflected from the process of cultivating the land, to methods of planting and harvesting. Before cultivating the land in Bali, farmers first hold a meeting, locally called 'rapatsubak', to discuss the irrigation channels for the rice fields. The "Subak" is a traditional farmers organization, responsible for irrigation, and the members are the farmers who own the fields. Farmers who are not members have no right to water distribution.

After ploughing, the farmers rest for several days or weeks, depending on the weather, before starting "mungkang", the process of ensuring the surface is suitably flat to receive rice seeds. The breaks between one activity and another are to allow the land to regain its fertility, as well as to wait for an auspicious day to plant paddy. The farmers rarely use chemical fertilizers, as it is not good for the long-term sustainability of the land. Instead they use green fertilizer and compost - a far healthier combination