Gazebo Wantilan

A wooden teak gazebo facing to Menjangan island offers a fantastic views overlooking java mountains suitable for couple for a romantic dinner.

Wantilan Open Kitchen/Wantilan Deck

A small open kitchen overlooking the ocean serving Balinese and Indonesian dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Octagon Ocean Club

Octagon Ocean Club is the main dining venue at Plataran Menjangan featuring the best viewing points. This Beach Club features a one-and-only infinity pool nearby the area, which overlooks the Java Sea with a sunken bar offering selections of beverages to indulge in while enjoying the gleaming pool and surroundings.

Infinity Pool and bar

A large infinity pool no one can be found nearby the area, overlooking to the sea equipped with pool bar with selections of beverages to indulge the guest while enjoying the pool and surroundings.


Located right in the heart of the park, near the Octagon Beach Club, this jetty is the base-point for all water-transportation related activities, including embarkations and disembarkations with Plataran’s cruise vessels. Surrounding of the jetty is also known for its rich coral making it a snorkeling haven for those looking for an underwater experience nearby. 

Plataran Phinisi Bali

Best suited for divers and adventure seekers, Plataran Phinisi Bali offers the experience of a true and authentic Indonesian life at sea with its traditional built Phinisi

Plataran Menjangan Yacht

Plataran Menjangan yacht is fully equipped to make your journey around the island an exceptional experience, whether you wish to soak up the panoramic beauty or to experience the great outdoors and sea adventure.

360 degree Watching Tower

A five-story watching tower that offers a wide 360 view of the menjangan island, forest, and munduk hill.  

Nirvana Courtyard

An outdoor multifunction venue in the heart of the West Bali National Park.



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