Terms & Conditions


Liability Boating (cruising), sailing, swimming, snorkeling, diving and other activities while with us can be very dangerous and demanding recreations and may involve serious injury or loss of life. The user of our services acknowledges both an understanding of and an assumption of the risks involved in these activities. By continuing this booking, the user expressly releases us of all and any liability for losses of any kind, including physical injury or lost property.

It is essential to arrange a comprehensive personal and baggage travel insurance in advance to cover any eventuality, including charges arising should you have to cancel your holiday plans. Please check your agent or your own insurance company about this. “Plataran Private Cruise“ excludes liability for matters such as baggage loss or damage, expense or inconvenience caused by delayed or cancelled transportation service, change of schedule, strikes or other conditions beyond “Plataran Private Cruise“ control.

While we wish to provide a safe and enjoyable trip for all our guests, there are normally inherent risks in boating (cruising), sailing, swimming, snorkeling, diving and other activities with us. Participants are advised to arrange their own insurance prior to their stay with us. We will not be responsible for damage or losses of any kind, including injuries and lost property. By engaging our services, participants acknowledge and accept these risks.

All phinisi boats and yachts in this web are owned and operated by a separate legal entity of which Plataran Private Cruise is not an agent nor representative. Thus, any liability arising from the use of such boats and yachts are solely the liability of the owners and operators and not Plataran Private Cruise.


If your clients have to cancel their cruise, Plataran Private Cruise will charge the following cancellation fee: 

  • From the 45 days prior to sailing 20% of the total amount
  • From the 44 days up to the 20 days prior to sailing 40% of the total amount
  • From the 19 days up to the 7 days prior to sailing 75% of the total amount
  • From the 6 days up to and including on the day of the sailing 100% of total amount

Plataran Private Cruise reserves itself the right to apply surcharges in the event of extraordinary circumstances due to economical instability and irregular exchange rate occurred  in the country. Any surcharges encountered shall  apply automatically on all existing and future bookings.


Short-comings in our services during the cruise are to be reported immediately to our tour cruise director on board. If possible the cruise director will try to find an appropriate solution. 


Bookings are not confirmed until an advance non-refundable payment of 25% of the total has been paid. Balance payment should be paid 30 days prior to Cruise Departures or it will be depends on the booking condition. For Booking and Transfer Inquiry please contact : reservation@platarankomodo.com 
Based on the Bank of Indonesia regulation, starting 1 July 2015 we only receive any payment in IDR. Therefore all invoiced amount and credit card payment will be converted to IDR using our current bookkeeping rate (IDR 14.000 = USD 1).